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Bar Stools and Bar Chairs
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Candy Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy Bar-Stools


Jennifer Bar Chairs Alpha Creations
Jennifer Bar-Stools

Alpha Creations wrought iron, aluminium and chromed  bar stools are hand crafted out of thick gauge steel and are built to last. Alpha Creations barstools, bar chairs and bar furniture are a celebration of our commitment to quality. Come and test us for quality and value.

Heights of bar chairs
Cushions of bar chairs
Wooden seats of bar chairs

Swivels of bar chairs
Metal bar chairs
Uses of bar chairs


Tiffany Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Tiffany Bar-Stools

Mandy Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Mandy Bar-Stools

Josephine Barstools, Alpha Creations
Josephine Bar-Stools

Amanda Bar Stools Range, Alpha Creations
Amanda Bar-Stools


Sharon Bar Chairs Range, Alpha Creations
Sharon Bar-Stools

Prices are quoted ex-works and exclude VAT. Prices are quoted while stocks last and are subject to change. Please contact us for a quote. Choose Alpha Creations as your preferred bar furniture supplier.



Don't see the bar stools that you like? Send us your request and we will make them for you.

Use our bar furniture in combination: our barstools at the bar and the lower height bar chairs at the tables. The similar styles will complement each other extremely well. Most of our barstools can be used as chairs in the 18" height, but we will also introduce an exclusively chairs range in the future. These will be usable in dining room, restaurant and kitchen and will boast our usual, wrought iron, thick walled profiles and commitment to quality.

The terms "bar stools" and "bar chairs" can be used interchangeably. There is no difference in the meaning of these two phrases, but lately some people have started to use the term "bar chairs" as the lower height stools (18"). This is not a rule however.

Coming soon: stainless steel range of barstools. Go to our contact page and subscribe to stay in touch with our latest releases and special offers.

Coming soon: wooden barstools. Go to our contact page and subscribe to stay in touch with our latest releases and special offers.