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Uses of Modern Bar Stools and Bar Chairs

Barstools are an important piece of furniture for use in the home or commercial environments. The right choice of bar stools can add to the décor while the wrong choice may hinder the overall look in the room.

There are many different constructions of bar stools and bar chairs. They can be designed with or without backs, different heights, swivel or non swivel as well as with or without armrests. The frames of the barstools are manufactured from metal, wrought iron, wood, plastic or other materials. Barstool seats are either upholstered or made from wood, metal or plastic.

Traditionally the barstools were used in bars, restaurants and clubs or in other commercial establishments. In the commercial or office environment bar stools are used as seating in workshops, reception areas or any area where space is at a premium, for example in changing rooms in a clothing store. In recent times bar chairs have formed an integral addition to the furniture of most homes. 

With the inclusion of breakfast nooks or overhanging counters in the kitchen, especially in the modern Townhouses, the residential use of the bar chairs are mainly as a kitchen counter stools. The bar chairs are also used in the home pub or bar, in the games room or in any room where conventional chairs would take up too much space. The barstools have also gained their popularity in the homes as additional seating. Due to the lighter weight of barstools, they are easier to move from room to room depending on which area is in need of additional seating when visitors arrive. Workshops in the home, garage or shed are more functional when barstools are added, as it takes up less space and the height of the stools can be bought so that they will suit the height of the workbench or counter.

The bar stools have developed from their humble beginnings as bar furniture or pub furniture into noteworthy pieces of furniture that will enhance the ambience of any environment.

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