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> Nadine
> Nena

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Candy Bar Stools and Bar Chairs

Candy-A Bar Stools. Alpha Creations
Candy-A Bar-Stools  
(On Request)

Candy-A Bar Stools. Alpha Creations
Candy-B Bar-Stools

(On Request)
Candy-M Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-M Bar-Stools

(From R875)
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The Candy barstools are comprised of chromed modern and contemporary designs.

These are chromed imported as well as locally manufactured bar stools. They are very versatile and remain a popular choice for bars, canteens, expo stands, and many other applications. Note: no longer a stock item and only available on orders of 200 or more.

Don't see the barstools that you like? Send us your request and we will make them for you.



Candy-C Bar-Stools

(From R995)

Candy-D Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-D Bar-Stools

(On Request)
Candy-E Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-E Bar-Stools
(On Request)
Candy-F Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-F Bar-Stools
(On Request)
Candy-G Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-G Bar-Stools
(On request)
Candy-H Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-H Bar-Stools

(On Request)


Candy-J Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-J Bar-Stools

(On Request)


Candy-K Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Candy-K Bar-Stools
(On Request)
Candy-XE Stackable Bar Stool-Alpha Creations
Candy-XD Stackable Bar Stool-Alpha Creations



Candy-XF Stackable Bar Stool-Alpha Creations

Candy-XA Stackable Bar Stool-Alpha Creations

Candy-XB Stackable Bar Stool-Alpha Creations


Candy-XC Stackable Bar Stool-Alpha Creations

Prices are quoted ex-works and exclude VAT. Prices are quoted while stocks last and are subject to change. Please contact us for a quote. Choose Alpha Creations as your preferred bar furniture supplier.