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Jessica Bar Stools and Bar Chairs

Jessica-A Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Jessica-A Bar-Stools

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Jessica-D Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Jessica-D Bar-Stools


The Jessica range of barstools is defined by its classic and elegant designs achieved by the gentle bi-directional bends. 

These tough wrought iron barstools made out of tough profiles, yet they do not take over the entire space of the bar stool, which is seen too often with wooden bar stools. 

The Alpha Creations bar chairs are hand made from strong steel and are powder coated. Powder coated bar furniture has major advantages in durability over ordinary painted surfaces.

Don't see the bar stools that you like? Send us your request and we will make them for you.


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Jessica-B Bar Chairs, Alpha Creations
Jessica-B Bar-Stools

Jessica-E Bar Chairs, Alpha Creations
Jessica-E Bar-Stools


Jessica-C Barstools, Alpha Creations
Jessica-C Bar-Stools

Jessica-G Bar Stools, Alpha Creations
Jessica-G Bar-Stools


Prices are quoted ex-works and exclude VAT. Prices are quoted while stocks last and are subject to change. Please contact us for a quote. Choose Alpha Creations as your preferred bar furniture supplier.