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Wrought Iron Bar Stools and Bar Chairs

Wrought iron has been used for making crafted furniture, in particular bar stools, for centuries. The major qualities of wrought iron are strength and flexibility. Iron can be bent, so very flamboyant and elaborate designs are achieved, both with the legs and seat backs. This can be done with smaller elegant profiles. Unlike aluminium, wood and pewter these wrought iron legs will be much stronger reducing the fear of collapse or buckling. Wrought iron bar chairs are beautiful and have bends and intrinsic ornate designs that are not easily achievable with other materials. With finishes such as bronze, aluminium and textured colours, these bar stools are strong and functional:- the qualities most often overlooked by customers. Alpha Creation's barstools are primarily strong and functional and thereafter elegant or beautiful.

Because of the strength the wrought iron material, the bar stools can be less butch and will take less space. Less butch also means that they will not detract from the overall ambiance.

Another benefit of wrought iron bar stools are their cleanness over wooden bar stools, especially in restaurant and bar settings where these can become grimy and oil saturated. Varnish used on wood in combination with oil can become extremely filthy. A few light scratches and oil, and there is the disgusting, used, wooden bar stool. Metal bar stools on the other hand can be wiped clean with a detergent and appear as new. Restoration of metal bar stool finishes is also an advantage. A powder coated stool can be sand blasted and recoated with a brand new layer of SABS approved non scratch powder coating at a fraction of the effort of sanding and recoating a wooden bar stool. If you think of it, wrought iron is an all round better investment and are cheaper than their wooden counterparts. The common misconception of the average buyer is that more expensive equals better. More expensive equals less for more in the land of Alpha Creations bar stools.  

Wrought iron bar stools will always be the "in thing". Wrought iron bar stools are that classical look and their popularity will be timeless.

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