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Bar Stools Height Information

The height of any stool: bar, kitchen or other counter, is important and should be considered carefully. The top of the seats of the bar stools should be about 250mm - 350mm (or 10 to 13 inches) below the counters to maximize the comfort for the users. Most of the time the measurement of the counter is done from floor to counter bottom, but if the thickness of the counter is extreme (more than a couple of inches) then this should be taken into consideration. 

The height of the bar stools are measured from floor to top of seat. The seat height could vary slightly due to the swivel and foam used, but should not impact the calculation in most cases. The back of the barstools are not considered for the stool height calculation. Stool Height Information, Alpha Creations

Normally bar stools are 30 or 34 inches (about 760 or 860mm), sometimes as high as 36 inches or 910mm. The height of 36 inch bar stools are unusual and we only make these as a special request.

Kitchen counter stools are normally 26 or 30 inches (660 or 760mm). 

Dinner table stools or bar chairs are normally 18 inches (or 460mm). Dinner table stools are unusual and that is why we claim that the most standard barstools are 30 inches. You will see that most of our images of bar stools are photos of 30 inch bar stools (30"). 30" stools can be used for both kitchen and bar furniture.

If the stool has a back and swivel then the seat will be at a slight angle of about 5 degrees. In this case we measure the height of the stool from floor to the middle of the seat. The angle of the seat gives a more comfortable and familiar feel and allows an easier lean into the backrest. 

Our measurement is to the top of an uncompressed foam bar stool. The compression results in a loss of height of about 30-50mm. This should be taken into consideration but should not impact the calculation.

Non-standard heights can be requested for bar chairs but is not encouraged. 

Please ask us if you require any further assistance  regarding bar stools, kitchen stools or other counter stools and their heights.