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Table Tops
Isotop Table Tops

Isotop table tops is a German technology produced under licence in Malaysia. Tables are resiliant without loosing their fabulous look.  Even though the tables are synthetic they look authentic since there is no visible joint. They are resistant to the normal abuses tables get such as cigarette burns, heat, stains and others. See the Isotop advantages below. The table tops are a popular choice for bistro tables and restaurant applications.  

Congo Isotop Table Top, Alpha Creations

Congo 800mm square

Butcher Block Square Isotop Table Top, Alpha Creations

Butcherblock 800mm square

Isotop White Table Tops, Alpha Creations

White 600mm round

Butcher Block Round Isotop Table Top, Alpha Creations

Butcherblock 600mm round

Isotop Table Top

Advertising Table Tops

Get the brand recognition and have an advantage over your competitors where it counts. Alpha Creations is promoting a programs where these table tops are subsidised for the mainstream markets and where the luxuries of such tables are not always available. Imagine your brand right up there strategically placed in the view of your target market. How big you want your logo, and with what emphasis, is entirely up to you. We think this is an excellent promotional and advertising idea. How bold is your brand and how much does it deserve the best advertising table top on the market? Enquire within.


Stable Elegant & Comfortable
Neither too heavy nor too light,yet stable when laden and withstands gusts of wind. Smooth satin-finish and colour variety to match any decoration. Rounded corners and edges ensure safety and comfortable seating arrangement.
Heat Resistance Damp Proof
No apparent adverse effect from hot food on its surface nor suffer cigarette burns. Damp proof features with sealed surface and edges.
Resistance to Cigarette Burn Creative Finishing
If a cigarette falls on the top by mistake,it will burn itself out without leaving a mark on the surface. Table-tops feature in a variety of finishes, from Mono,DUET,TEXstyle,AdverTOP and the unique DecoArt.
Stain Resistance Weather Resistance
Impermeable against corrosive and sticky substances from liquid or solid food. Resistance against all types of weather conditions
Minimum Maintence Scratch Resistance
Simple wiping with wet cloth or mild detergent to remove stains withstands scratching from crockery and cullery.